Strategic Consulting & Corporate Identity
In cooperation with the client, Rubins Steinmetz builds corporate identity, specifies corporate and marketing strategy and objectives, including, company branding and positioning, specification of target markets and end customers and the establishment of a media strategy. The firm can offer quantitative research (public opinion polls) and qualitative research (focus groups, in-depth interviews and expert polls), market research and surveys.

Representative Office
Rubins Steinmetz offers local services for multinationals and international organizations that do business or are planning to operate in Israel. The firm’s local presence, contacts, search agents, and lobbying provide the client with effective networking with the local business world and media to establish and consolidate its operations in the country and maximize their potential. Rubins Steinmetz provides its international clients with timely and on-message public relations and strategic consulting, market research and advice on product launches, and media surveys and monitoring.

Market Consulting
Rubins Steinmetz creates and implements plans and strategies for promoting client’s products or services. Understanding consumer behavior and the motivations of the local business arena enables the firm to identify suitable target audiences for these products or services, and to reach that audience with persuasive communications. Critical thinking, creativity and skills make it possible for the firm to devise new ways of positioning and promoting client’s products with the best results.

Financial PR & IPOs
Rubins Steinmetz has full expertise in finance, capital markets, and the Israeli financial media. The firm’s extensive experience in this niche differentiates this PR work from that of other PR firms, guaranteeing a client’s exposure in the run-up to an IPO, and afterwards as a public company that requires keeping it in the public eye and investor relations.

PR For Law Offices
Rubins Steinmetz has expertise in jurisprudence, including the courts, law offices and the media that cover them. Its experience in this niche field guarantees proper exposure for law offices during all phases of a trial and during off-periods when the office needs increased exposure, even when there is no newsworthy activity to report to the media.

PR For Real Estate Companies
Rubins Steinmetz has extensive experience in managing public relations and information systems for Israeli and foreign income-producing commercial and residential real estate companies and developers.

PR For Government Agencies
Rubins Steinmetz has personal contacts with the media and governmental agencies including government ministries, regulatory agencies, and local government.

Crisis Management & Change Of Perception
Rubins Steinmetz prepares contingency plans and works with clients incrisis management, including media coverage, efforts to change perceptions among decision-makers and the general public and minimizing damage to the client’s public image.